Our Female Role Models

This International Women's Day, we want to look at the women that we look up to in our lives. Everyone here at The Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company got asked to choose a woman that they look up to and why they look up to her. We got a range of answers from female figures past and present, famous and personal.


Megan - Administrator

"I've chosen Jane Austen because she lived during a time where women writing romance stories were seen as "frivolous" and "silly" but she subverted the genre with her witty observations of society - showing the world that female writers could be just as good as men, if not better!"

Nicki - Production Assistant

"It might sound cheesy but I'd have to say my mum for all the usual reasons but mostly because she's always been there for me."

Popeye - Master Coffee Roaster

"It has to be my mum, apart from putting up with me (which is a tough task on it's own), she's went through tough times herself and has always kept going. An absolute inspiration!"

Aaron - Stock Controller

"You know what? I'm going with Emily Maitliss because she's a talented journalist and she's not scared to tackle tough subjects you just need to look at the infamous Prince Andrew interview for an example."

Gordon - General Manager

"There's loads of women to choose from, but I'll say Florence Nightingale. She did a lot for medicine, especially for nurses because she opened up a nursing school and made it a proper profession. That did a lot to help women have careers, even in the Victorian times."


What do you think of our role models? Who would you choose? Leave a comment to have your say!

 To learn more about International Women's Day and how you can help the women's rights movement globally please check out the official International Women's Day website below.



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